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Here are some answers to commonly asked questions we get.

If the wind is above 12 knots per hour (about 13MPH), it isn’t safe to operate an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, or “drone.” If your Aerial photo or video appointment is interrupted by high winds, the appointment will have to be rescheduled.

What is a Twilight appointment?

Twilight photography allows the home to glow from within, giving it that warm and inviting appeal. These appointments take place approximately one hour before sunset. The interiors are photographed first, and towards the end of the appointment, the exteriors are photographed.

Because this is a specialized session and “after hours,” there is an additional charge for this appointment slot. Keep in mind that there are only a certain amount of slots available during the week, so we recommend you call a few days in advance to book a Twilight appointment.

If there is any precipitation in the air, we leave it up to your discretion to reschedule as soon as possible. If you do not call/email us to reschedule within 4 hours of the scheduled appointment, we assume we are still shooting the property (interiors).

The Inclement Weather Return fee is only charged if you want us to come back out at another scheduled time to shoot the exteriors. The fee covers the lost time slot and gas for us to come back to the property.

Of course! For a small additional fee, we will come back out & provide 6-8 images of the exteriors.

It depends. Because information has to be “re-drawn” wherever the photoshopping takes place, it is determined on a case-by-case basis.

We will NOT photoshop anything that will misrepresent the property in anyway!

You will receive a delivery email within 24-hours after the end of the shoot. The email will contain a link to download the two versions of the images.

The Full/Print images are for your graphics (marketing purposes) to help sell the property. These photos are full resolution.

The Small/Web images are for MLS upload. These photos are reduced resolution to meet MLS specifics.

If you did not receive the link to your images, please contact us.

All of our images are copyrighted (the intellectual property of Unique Perspective Media), and we license our pictures to you for use based on the package you purchase.

MLS shoots: The agent or client is granted Temporary Usage Rights to use those images until the property is either sold or goes off the market. Once it goes off the market, you must purchase perpetual usage rights to continue using.

You can view our full terms here


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